Interesting Facts on Why Synthetic Lawns Work in California

California has had an ongoing drought issue over the past years and this has caused homeowner to think about how they care for their lawns. With state water limitations, homeowners have to look at brown grass due to the increase in extreme hot weather, thus causing them to suffer from penalties from HOA or the city. So whats the best answer to this problem? Synthetic Turf. They can have a gorgeous lawn without wasting water all while improving the look of their home.

For the last several years, California has had persistent drought conditions. The longer the warmer climate sticks around, the less rain fall and snow we get that supplies us with adequate water. This has caused the government and many cities to regulate and even stop the usage of water. Residents risk heavy fines if they are seen taking care of their lawn, washing their cares, etc. Cities and groups of people started noticing that when homeowners were installing artificial turf and it actually started to encourage residents to look into this option as a way to save water and money.

Homeowners chose to remove their natural grass and replace it with fully landscaped areas that required minimal water usage.
The most common, as well as the most cost effective is the installation of synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is ideal for Californians for many reasons far beyond the amount of water it saves on a yearly basis. Here are a few reasons why:
*Synthetic turf is environmentally friendly needing no harsh chemicals to maintain it
*Cost effective
*Can last up to 20 years
*Will not stain, fade or discolor
Synthetic turf offers homeowners the ability to keep their property beautiful without having to sacrifice California’s water supply or hurt their wallet.

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