Help the environment & lower your energy bills with  Synthetic Grass

New technologies have revolutionized the synthetic grass industry. The growing competition among Synthetic Turf manufacturers and popularity with the end users have led to high quality and better looking artificial grass San Diego. More than ever before, the synthetic grass looks more realistic, requires no maintenance, and is highly cost efficient. More and more business are turning to synthetic grass as an attractive, environmentally friendly, and cost effective alternative to traditional landscaping. Synthetic Turf can be used in the court yard, recreation area, or any other corporate area as a low cost, low maintenance lush green solution.

synthetic grass

Synthetic grass helps in water conservation

Synthetic lawn is a great way to go green, improve water conservation, and lower water bills. Installing synthetic turf in a 750 square feet area can save approximately twenty to twenty two thousand gallons of water each year. Synthetic turf eliminates the need for fertilizer and pesticides, therefore, helping save the environment from harmful chemicals. With no mowing and reduced urban runoff from irrigation, artificial grass drastically reduces green waste caused by lawn clippings that goes to landfills.

Synthetic Grass, a faster and cost effective way of becoming Green

If joining the green revolution is part of your business plan, then installing artificial turf is one of the most effective ways of helping the environment, conserving water, and lowering your energy bills. Please give us a call at 760-586-4690 to speak with a friendly customer service representative about how you can benefit from the use of Synthetic Turf.