We are Experts in Artificial Turf in San Diego

There are plenty of things to keep you busy around the house rather then mowing or watering your lawn. So Cal Greens is a premiere Artificial Turf and Putting Greens provider. Our experts have the solution to a maintenance free lawn under any environmental conditions. Through years of experience, we have mastered the designing of artificial lawns and landscaping. With our So Cal Artificial Lawn series, you can have the same look and feel of a natural landscape.

Artificial Turf, a fast and easy way to a lush green and natural looking lawn year round


The So Cal Synthetic Lawn Series includes some of the finest products in the market. Advancements in artificial turf yarn extrusion, tufting, backing, and the production process have led to dramatic improvements in the realistic look and feel of artificial turf. With these latest improvements in Synthetic Grass, fertilizing and watering the lawn are things of the past.

Whether you live in an extreme temperature or a mild environment, the So Cal Synthetic Lawn Series has the right type of artificial truf for your needs. From the roof-top or residence gardens to suburban landscaping applications, artificial grass is a low cost, no maintenance option. It is engineered for durability, performance and appearance.Our pet friendly artificial turf is specifically tailored to dogs. Made with a soft polyethylene synthetic fiber, your pet can still enjoy all the benefits that real grass has to offer while virtually eliminating all the hard work and labor required to simply maintain your lawn.

It is important to keep in mind that all artificial turfs are not the same. We have a variety of options in terms of synthetic or artificial turf lawns and different infill options. Moreover, we have traditional bluegrass, long blade fescue, winter rye, short Bermuda, or dense centipede. So Cal Greens of San Diego work with their client to help them make the right choice in artificial turf.

The So Cal Synthetic Lawn Series Advantages:

  1. No Watering!
  2. No Maintenance!
  3. Pays For Itself in Less than 4 Years!
  4. Beautiful Year Round!
  5. Kid & Pet Friendly!
  6. Environmental Friendly!
  7. Life Expectancy 20+ years!
  8. Green, Green, Green!

Affordable Artificial Turf Installation throughout San Diego

So Cal Greens is a San Diego based professional lawn Installation Company. We provide expert artificial turf installations throughout San Diego County including Vista, Oceanside, Chula Visa, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and throughout San Diego. We also provide installations in Riverside and Temecula. For expert Artificial Turf consultation, please call us today at 760-586-4690 to speak to a representative.