Facts About Artificial Turf

Many people want to know what are the perks of artificial turf.
What are the advantages?
Why should they switch from their regular lawn to artificial?
Well here are some great reasons why the switch to artificial turf is so popular:

* Lower maintenance cost: No more mowing! Americans spend on average 4 hours a week on lawn care

* Pesticide Free

*Fewer injuries: No more twisted ankles from potholes. No more uneven surfaces or slipper mud.

* Saves water: An average 1,000 sqft area requires up to 30,000 gallons of water!

* Lowers pollution: Gas mowers emit as much pollution as 11 cars

People worry about the heat because artificial turf is more susceptible to getting rather hot in warmer weather. Do not worry there is turf that is heat resistant that helps with those worries.

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