Artificial Turf for Schools

The growing popularity of Artificial Turf in Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Artificial grass used to be the forte of big private schools but thanks to the advancement in technology and reduced cost, more and more schools are opting for artificial grass in their schools. With its growing popularity among athletes, lower costs, now maintenance, and zero water usage, synthetic grass is rapidly becoming the number one choice of schools throughout the country.

Artificial Grass is Low maintenance

Natural turf fields consume thousands of gallons of water each year, require a significant amount of fertilizer and pesticides, and need countless hours of labor to maintain the look & health of the grass. Artificial turf is more cost efficient, little to no maintenance, zero water, no pesticides.

Artificial Grass has better playability

In coastal communities, soggy fields are a major problem with natural grass especially during long rainy seasons. But artificial grass on the other hand eliminates such worries with reduced surface moisture and extended playability in the rain. In cities where precipitation occurs more often, Synthetic turf is an excellent solution. Artificial grass provides more traction, durability, and resistance even when wet. Furthermore, synthetic turf and putting greens provide an even bounce or roll of the ball, slip resistance, and surface wear and tear. Artificial turf also reduces injuries as it provides more durability and an even surface.


Artificial Turf is environmentally friendly

Artificial grass helps the environment by utilizing rubber from auto tires that is filling our landfills and harming our environment. Furthermore, artificial turf eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It keeps our beaches and water clean by elimination water run offs.

Artificial Turf is more Cost effective

Artificial grass fields are more cost efficient compared to natural grass fields. Most artificial fields are warranted for 3,000 hours of annual play without the need for any rest. This type of playing time is extremely difficult to achieve with natural grass that requires constant maintenance and rest. And with no maintenance, no chemicals, and zero water requirement, Artificial grass is a must for most schools, colleges, and universities.

Artificial Turf is Safe

The initial concerns regarding the safety of artificial turf have been disproved. Numerous studies have shown that artificial grass is safe and hazard free. In fact, artificial turf is safer than natural grass because it does not use chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
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