Artificial Turf, a better way to low cost lush green field turf

The use of artificial grass in sports fields is growing rapidly throughout the United States. There are thousands of full size sport fields that use artificial turf. The major reason for the popularity of artificial turf is its many benefits. For instance, artificial turf eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides, as well as removes thousands of tires from landfill sites.

Artificial Turf is safe and hazard free

At So Cal Greens, all of our products are designed keeping the safety of the athletes and children in mind. Our product lines include synthetic turf that is specifically manufactured for sport fields. The products are compliant with ASTM and ADA which ensures the quality of material and its use. Artificial turf is completely efficient under any ground condition such as running zones or steep lands. Synthetic turf is an ideal choice for Football games or high traffic areas where regular mowing or irrigation is not convenient.

Synthetic Turf is environment friendly

Artificial turf from So Cal Greens does not require any kind of mowing, fertilizing, reseeding or watering, thus helping the environment. Furthermore, artificial turf helps save the environment by using rubber recycled from used tires, landfills, and other products. It also helps in conserving water usage by reducing the need for regular watering.

So Cal Greens have years of experience in installing artificial field turf throughout San Diego county. Please contact us or give us a call at 760-586-4690 to speak with a friendly customer service representative about your project.